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The home of DahnMar Farms, LLC is located on 217 rolling acres just below the Dan River in Caswell County, North Carolina. Don W. Leathers purchased the property in 1983. Being pre-occupied with a “real job” and restoring a turn-of-the-century house, Don had very little time to devote to developing the farm. Now he is able to devote his energy towards being a good steward of this land that the Lord has allotted him.  Don “rewired” to grass farmer with healthy vacuumed-sealed frozen beef as the end product.

Securing America’s food supply is critical. Don decided that producing a natural beef product without possibly harmful hormones, antibiotics, and unnecessary fat was a winner. He concluded that grass-fed beef was the perfect way to be a good steward and dedicated producer. Don and Marie (farmer’s wife-in-training) are delighted to direct market rich-flavored, natural beef to discerning customers.
The quality of beef by DahnMar Farms, LLC is carefully controlled. We purchase steers as they are weaned and pasture them on high-protein summer and winter grasses. They are rotated on pastures that are constantly renewed with winter and summer grasses. Clean fresh water and supplemental minerals are abundant. Our steers are humanely treated. Our processing includes dry-aging the beef for 21 days in an approved facility under strict USDA guidelines. Individual cuts are vacuum-sealed in packs and frozen with the USDA legend on our label, which is your safety assurance.
Grass-fed, dry-aged beef is for the consumer wanting healthy food that tastes delicious. It is naturally lower in fat than grain-fed beef and full flavored. 

Thank you for visiting dahnmarfarms.com, the online outlet for DahnMar Farms, LLC’s grass-fed, natural beef … it’s good and good for you too!

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